In the Old West,There was a romantic Interlaken Town where hid a unknown and mysterious forest with magic perfume full of the air throughout the year .In the end of the forest,A ageless flower picking divine and wonderful spirit of the world was in full bloom,under whose protection thousands of spirits lived a happy life.
Thousands of years passed away,but the ageless flower always kept beautiful and radiant appearance.
One day, a ugly witch broke into the fantasy town, disturbing their peaceful life.The witch worked her wizardry furtively to the ageless flower whose beauty she was jealous of.From then on,the ageless flower began to wither.

The spirits were thrown into a panic for the town was haunted with diseases,aging and death.They tried to search for the medicine to heal the ageless flower.Unfortunately they were able to undo anything with the time going by.
There was a brave spirit named Lesanli in the town flying to a very far place to seek the antidote everyday.Once,It lost in the mountain of forest without awareness of how long it flew but came into the future country because of entering the time tunnel by mistake.
As Lesanli can see, people living in the future country were full of energy and never grew old.The secret is that there was full of power in the body named Active Polypeptide.With their help,Lesanli concentrated Active Polypeptide to the essance and brought back to the town.The ageless flower at its last gasp gained a second-chance three days later.And the town regained the vitality of the past.
The myth about the ageless flower was remembered by the world.The brand Lesanli was established in honor of its bravery and wisdom. Lesanli insists on the beauty, fashion and technology philosophy,with the power of freezing youth.After decades of concentrateing on research,Peptide acetyl six peptide - 8 was selected as the core ingredient,that can create collagen and repair the broken reticular fiber so as to get the effect of frozen-age and meet up with your younger self again.